Acupuncture and TCM

Liz Ellicott is a practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine . She studied at The Irish College of Traditional Medicine (affiliated to Guangzhou University, China) in Dublin. She is a fully registered  member of The Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association and the European Council of TCM.

Earlier Years

Over 20 years ago, while working in the media and living in London, Liz trained in the martial art of T’ai Chi and Qi Gong , under Sufi Gary Wragg. It was through practicing these disciplines that she discovered the oriental principles of yin and yang; and how Qi Gong has been used to treat people medically for thousands of years, helping them to live more harmonious and balanced lives.

Career Change

Several years later, Liz made the decision to change career and study Acupuncture and TCM. When asked why she decided to make this move , liz explains, “for me it was a natural evolvement, the next step in my life. I was fascinated by this complicated ancient medical system of treating illnesses successfully without the use of drugs and I wanted to be part of it.”

Fertility Acupuncture

Since graduating and completing her clinical  acupuncture training at The Irish College of Traditional Medicine in Dublin, Liz has had built up a successful acupuncture practice in  South County Dublin and is currently based in Blackrock. Throughout the years, she has treated many illnesses, which she continues to do but  for the past  ten years, the main focus of her practice has been fertility acupuncture  and Liz has been successfully  treating women with  gynaecological and fertility issues . She was one of the founding members of the Irish register of practitioners for the London based Zita West Clinic.

Acupuncture , Liz finds, is one of the best  drug free ways to help people with sleep problems She comments that sleep deprivation seems to be growing among all ages of the population and needs to be addressed in order that  people can lead fuller, happier and healthier lives. ” It never ceases to amaze me ,” she says ” how successful a simple acupuncture  treatment for sleep problems can be.”

In her spare time Liz loves to travel, walk her dogs, read and play music. She still trains in T’ai Chi and Qi Gong once a week. “A balance between both work and leisure makes for a more rounded life, is my motto. I don’t always achieve it, but I try. I’m very fortunate to be doing this work and privileged to meet the wonderful people who come to my Acupuncture Clinic.”



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