Acupuncture for frozen shoulder and pain generally, has been the subject of research for a number of years. Carried out by a highly qualified licensed practitioner, acupuncture treatment has proved effective for both pain reduction and mobility. Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a disorder of the connective tissue in the rotator cuff region where there is pain inflammation and motor impairment.

The high quality contolled trials were carried in both the United States, Germany the UK and China. These include the Department of Epidemology and Biostatistics at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, The University of York, The Group Health Research Institute, Seattle, the Ruhr-University Bochum (Orthopedic Surgery and Research) and the University of Southhampton.

Current research, by Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, carried out trials on two groups. One group was treated with acupuncture alone and the other with a combination of both acupuncture and moxibustion. The results showed that both approaches were effective in reducing pain and improving shulder functiom. But patients had a 93.10% effective rate when acupuncture was combined with moxibustion. The moxibustion was applied immediately after the acupuncture treatment and administered for 40-50 minutes. A 75.86% effective rate was recorded when patients only received acupuncture.

For the study, a total of 60 patients were recruited. In Group there were 13 men and 16 women aged between 46 & 72. Group 2 comprised of 14 men and 15 women aged between 44 & 75 years of age. Patients received two courses of treatment daily , lasting five days each with a two day break between each course.

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