Fertility Acupuncture

Three Month Fertility Plan

My Three Month Fertility Plan is well worth considering when considering acupuncture for fertility, planning.  I always stress that it is  important to begin as early as possible. Three to six months is  the crucial time span for the development of the human egg.  Because only the best of your eggs make it for selection to join the final group of antral follicles waiting at the beginning of your cycle. The healthiest of eggs are then selected for ovulation and possible conception.

Acupuncture treatments should be planned for  at least  90 days in order to  provide a healthy environment for your eggs before trying to conceive , because it takes 90 days for an egg to  fully mature. During this time, before the egg reaches full maturation,  the eggs are changing and preparing for ovulation.  Everyone has different time constrains  of course, but it’s worth bearing in mind  that  your chances of conception are increased when you give your body the time to maximise  your reproductive health.ACUPUNCTURE FOR FERTILITY 

I have a programme designed to help your body’s energies and prepare you for conception. Each patient is assessed on an individual basis. Regardless of whether you are  just embarking on planning a baby naturally, or have a specific problem impeding your chances of becoming pregnant and are attending an IVF Clinic, there will be a plan for you which will  help you to increase your chances .

An Overview of what to expect from the Three Month Fertility Plan:


1. Knowing the right foods to eat for fertility

2. How to change your shopping list to organic foods.

3. Awareness of healthy and non healthy fats.

4.Veggies to prioritise.

5. Easy to follow recipes.

6. Supplement advice for that extra boost



Acupuncture plays a significant part in the Three Month Fertility Plan. Acupuncture for FertilityPatients can expect weekly/fortnightly  treatments. Acupuncture increases natural fertility considerably because it helps the body to restore endocrine harmony. It improves circulation to the reproductive organs. Blood flow in the uterine artery is significantly increased after a series of eight acupuncture sessions . Acupuncture also increases endometrial receptivity, improves follicular environment and increases the  chances of pregnancy.  It also treats imbalances which  decreases the chances of pregnancy, such as PCOS, Endometriosis ,  Luteal Phase and FSH defects, hormone imbalance and unexplained infertility. Acupuncture is a safe and effective and supportive for patients having IVF.

Acupuncture for Fertility


Almost everyone leads a busy life. This is the time  that you need take a step back and find time to relax and chill. Limiting stress in your life is important. Make sure your partner is sharing the chores. Create special quiet moments just for you.Take exercise that is pleasurable but not taxing.  Make sure you get enough sleep. You need this time to keep your body in balance. We will discuss the various ways in which you can become more relaxed and less stressed.

Acupuncture has a simple effective way of eliminating stress and restoring good sleep.


A rested mind and body is essential at any time in life, regardless of whether you are planning a baby. If poor sleep is an issue, now is the time to put that right. My way of making sure you get a good nights sleep will make a significant difference at this important time.  This  simple way of helping you get a good night’s sleep will be available right through your pregnancy acupuncture sessions.


HEALTH INSURANCE – Most insurance companies will  partially cover up to 12 acupuncture sessions depending on the level of cover. Check with your insurance company.

Tiny Wild Birds

Sky Flying Representing Flock Of Birds And Flock Of Birds

The Taoists place special emphasis on The Heart, which they call Xin the ‘Soverign Ruler’ of life. The fire that resides in this space is called the Shen. The Shen lights up our consciousness and self awareness; our connection with the world and our sense of identity. It is one of the most important aspects of The Heart. It allows us to form and maintain good close relationships, to be joyful and happy; to relate well to others, be in good form. Totally switched on.

When someone is feeling sorrowful, scattered, depressed. Has panic attacks or postpartum depression;  has violent mood swings and laughs at all the wrong things. It’s an indication that not all is well with the Shen.  Restlessness, hyperactivity, problems with sleeping are other indications.  There might be a sense of unravelling, an inability to think clearly or hold on to that thought. An unconnectedness to everything. And life can seem bleak.

These symptoms can often come about as the result of a sudden shock, a separation, an accident, a miscarriage, death of a loved one, or even prolonged emotional strain. No one wants to feel like this. The Taoists, view this type of negative energy as the scattering of tiny wild birds that have become frightened.  Chinese Medicine found a way, through acupuncture, to bring the Shen home.   From acupuncturist, to needle, to patient, energies mingle,  transformation takes place. Healing begins and the tiny wild birds fly home.