Is one of the several strands  of Chinese Medicine. I use this method, depending on the presenting problem.  It is used either either directly or indirectly on the body. It comprises of Artemesia Vulgaris or Mugwort and has been used safely for centuries. Direct moxibustion  is placed in small cone shapes on the skin and burned.  I prefer to use Indirect moxibustion, which is in the shape of  a small stick,  shaped like a cigar.  The stick is lighted,  and when it turns red, the stick is placed directly over an acupuncture point with or without a needle in place. There is no direct contact with the skin . The purpose of this treatment is to warm the meridians, which leads to smoother flow of blood and Qi. The patient  usually experiences  a warm pleasant feeling around the area.

What Does Moxibustion Involve?

There are two main types of moxibustion: direct and indirect. The technique most commonly used today, indirect moxibustion, often involves burning moxa (a substance created from dried leaves of the herbs mugwort or wormwood) on top of the acupuncture needle. In some cases, however, practitioners may set the burning moxa over a layer of ginger, garlic, or salt placed on the patient’s skin. Other techniques include applying heat to acupuncture points from an electrical source, as well as holding the burning moxa above the skin for several minutes.