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Why Acupuncture?

It balances the body, creating a harmonious flow. It Helps to resore and boost endocrine harmony. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine increases a woman’s chances of a viable pregnancy. It treats PMS, PCOS, Amenorrhoea, FSH levels and Luteal Phase defects. It improves follicular environment. it also reduces the stress of patients undergoing IVF protocols by having acupuncture, and women find acupuncture during this time very benificial. Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer also improves the reproductive outcome of IVF. It is also very effective for morning sickness during pregnancy. You can learn more by clicking here.

Who is Liz Ellicott?

DSCN0813With 14 years of experience as an acupuncturists and TCM practitioner, Liz creates a programme of treatment tailored to each particular case, looking also at diet, lifestyle and stress levels. She also teaches patients mindfulness techniques and Qi Gong which can be practised at home. Liz was a founding member of the Zita West Acupuncturists Network and trained in her methods. She has also studies other experts in this field, including Debra Betts and Jayne Lyttleton.

We have helped Caitriona achieve her goal!

After losing our first baby, having difficulty conceiving afterwards and two miscarriages, I attended Liz for fertility treatment. After the first session I immediately felt at ease and that she genuinely wanted to help. Liz was able to guage my mood very well after our little chats (almost like counselling sessions) before the treatment. During my sessions I actually did relax and zone out. I always felt the difference after my treatment. Liz while very personable is a true professional and my husband and I have no doubt played a huge part in two successful pregnancies and healthy babies! We are eternally grateful to Liz for her help and “magic needles”. Thank you so much! – Caitriona.